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Hey visionary entrepreneur.. Welcome to the ultimate playground for powerhouse women who are ready to connect, support and take big bold steps to network with one another to help each other grow and shine brighter for the future!

  • Date: 2023/12/12 09:45 AM
  • Location Online Event


Online Networking Events

Prepare to shine inside the networking scene with the confidence of the fierce, unapologetic queen you truly are! This is your time to share your bold personality and badass business with like minded women.

You're Serious About Your Business, And That's Seriously Fun! 

  • Because who said networking can't be a blast? 

You'll get to meet up with other beautiful women, and engage with small breakout groups so you get to know each other more intimately. 

  • Elevate your business game while enjoying the ride.

You'll learn how to share what you are passionate about and get to put your intro together, and talk through it like a normal human being, instead of a robot who was a script to get through.

  • I believe in blending serious business with seriously good times.

You'll get to learn, connect, laugh and support other women in the networking sessions, that will energise you and get your energy up - ready to make new connections and lasting friendships.

Ready to turn your networking game from "meh" to "hell yeah"? 

Buckle up, buttercup! The adventure begins with you now.

Simply register for the free networking event, and let's get to know each other a little better. See you there!