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Hey Boss Babes, Welcome to the ultimate playground for powerhouse women who are ready to connect, support and take big bold steps to network with one another to help each other grow and shine brighter for the future!

  • Date: 2023/10/13 04:30 PM
  • Location Online Event


Get ready to slay the networking game like the fierce, unapologetic queen you are. This is not your grandma's tea party; this is where bold personalities and badass business owners collide!

Unleash Your Fabulousness: Strut in with confidence, darling! This is the place where you show up, unfiltered and fabulous. No need to tone it down – we're all about turning up the volume on your amazing self. 

Mix & Mingle Like a Boss: Connect with fellow business bosses who get your hustle and hear your battle cries. Whether you're crushing it in stilettos or sneakers, there's a tribe of like-minded badasses waiting to meet you.

Serious Business, Seriously Fun: Because who said networking can't be a blast? Elevate your business game while enjoying the ride. We believe in blending serious business with seriously good times.

Sparks Fly Here: This isn't your typical networking – it's a spark factory! Ignite collaborations, spark friendships, and set the world on fire with your unapologetic brilliance.

Ready to turn your networking game from "meh" to "hell yeah"? Buckle up, buttercup! The adventure begins with you now.