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Client Brief:

Accredilec Master Electricians had yet to establish a digital or social presence. Their primary goal was to create a website that would serve as a strong digital footprint, with a specific focus on attracting major blue-chip petrochemical clients for tenders.  


Accredilec is a well established company who had never documented their daily tasks or site implementations, and they hadn't produced any written content about their work. To add to the complexity, they didn't possess any existing logo or brand assets. This was the exciting starting point of our journey together.

Building a Digital Footprint from Scratch

My Done-For-You Solution:

I addressed my client's challenge by implementing a multifaceted solution:

  1. Establishing a Digital Footprint: I initiated the process by building a robust digital footprint, laying the foundation for their online presence.

  2. Website Development: I designed and developed a website that played a pivotal role in helping my client secure significant tender contracts for the next five years within the petrochemical industry.

  3. On-Site Immersion: To truly understand their operations, I spent three weeks with their installation teams and at their head office executive suite, capturing their processes through photography and audio recordings.

  4. Content Creation: Leveraging the rich media assets I gathered to create compelling content that showcased their work, utilising the captured images and audio interviews to tell their story.

  5. Brand Identity: I also designed a distinctive logo that aligned with their vision, mission, and company values, creating a brand identity that resonated with their target audience.

Customer review from Accredilec Master Electricians

Through this comprehensive solution, I not only addressed their immediate needs but also set the stage for a successful digital transformation.

Visit their website: www.accredilec.co.za

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