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Client Brief: 

"I require a website that can house my products inside a store and my services making sure that it is easy and seamless for my customers to make a booking and buy my online." Cornelia


"I'm not techy at all. I have limited time to market my business and don't have a brand or brand identity. I would like to have a styled uniformed look that my customers can recognise and trust." Cornelia

In our recent project with Cornelia from Cosmeticum, I embarked on an exciting journey of creativity and innovation.

Here's a glimpse into the highlights of our collaboration:

  1. Crafting a Distinct Brand Identity: I set out to create a standout brand style kit, complete with a unique palette of client-specific colours, carefully selected typography, and eye-catching marketing graphics. I included a six-hour consulting session to ensure every element was spot-on and completed to Cornelia's liking.

  2. Building a Customised, Multilingual Website: Going the extra mile, I designed and developed a fully integrated website tailored to cater to Cornelia's' Swiss German and English-speaking clientele. This bespoke website was equipped to handle easy product additions and treatment changes, ensuring flexibility and relevance.

  3. Seamless Shopping Experience: To enhance the customer journey, we established a seamless online shop with a secure payment gateway. But that's not all – I also implemented a client leads CRM database with the functionality of a email newsletter so that Cornelia can create weekly newsletters for her customers to read and click on to purchase their products on her website.

  4. Empowering Client Independence: One of the highlights of our project was empowering Cornelia to take charge of her website like a true professional. Through a hands-on training session, I equipped her with the knowledge and skills to navigate the website dashboard, allowing her to confidently manage her online presence.

Cosmeticum Holistic Cosmetics Brand, Website and Marketing Strategy

At Bold Move Media, I'm committed to exceeding expectations and arming our clients with the tools they need for success. 

I gave Cosmeticum-Groth a remarkable brand makeover, commanding attention with a brand design, dynamic website complete with training and coaching on how to effectively go to market with ease.

Visit her website: www.cosmeticum-groth.ch

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