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Let's team up to craft an amazing brand and marketing strategy that not only attracts customers but also makes them absolutely fall in love with your business!


Hey there entrepreneur!

are you still searching for a way to create a brand that allows you to show up confidently and leave a lasting impression with your customers?

Transform your self doubt into instant brand confidence so you can shine online!


Transform your self doubt into instant brand confidence so you can shine online!

say good-bye to imposter syndrome and show up confidently online

Brand Alignnment

When you nail your brand alignment, it's like magic happens. Your customers and staff and team connect with your business on a whole new level, and they become loyal fans for life.

Brand Identity

Imagine people encountering your brand and thinking, "Wow, I know, like, and trust you instantly!" Let's work together to sculpt an incredible brand identity that not only gives your business a standout name, logo, design, and image but also imbues it with a character that's impossible to ignore. Your brand will shine bright and leave a lasting impression!

Brand Strategy

Discover the heart and soul of your brand by clarifying your vision, mission, and values. Together we'll develop your roadmap to pinpoint your hero customer and outline how you aspire to serve them. Dive into market trends, conduct a competitor analysis, and uncover opportunities.

Website Design

We'll harness the power of intelligent AI to craft a website that perfectly reflects your brand, forging an authentic connection with your customers. Share your passions, solutions, and achievements, laying the foundation for a profound sense of trust and loyalty right from the beginning.

Marketing Strategy

Together we'll create a plan to help you to unleash your marketing superpowers and make those customers fall head over heels for your business. Developing a marketing master plan to attract your hero customer using digital or social media channels.

Let's Team Up!

I'll be your sidekick, offering techy guidance and brand and marketing support every step of the way, as we work towards achieving your goals. Get ready to crush it as a dynamic duo.

Imagine saying goodbye to imposter syndrome, gaining unshakeable confidence in your business, and showcasing your brand with pride. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned entrepreneur, going to market confidently demands a strategy, a roadmap that cuts through the overwhelming noise of online advice.

My mission is simple! I want to help you attract those hero customers and make them go gaga over your business message. And guess what? I've got a bunch of savvy digital brand, media, and marketing options for you to choose from.

Whether you want me to handle it all with my full "Done For You" service, prefer a collaborative jam session with my "Work With You" option, or want to unleash your inner DIY superstar inside my "Do It Yourself" masterclass, I've got you covered.

I'm ready to get busy with you - to make your brand shine!

Marketing with LOVE

I know about the importance of marketing your business with love because I've been exactly where you are now...


Leaving Job Security

I left my corporate post with a head full of dreams but a heart full of doubts.


Learning From Mentors

Fearful, unconfident, and clueless about showing up professionally online, I embarked on a learning journey. Enrolling in countless online courses, I stumbled through failures and found mentors who guided me through the maze of branding and digital marketing.


My Investment In Myself Reaped Big Rewards

Fast forward two years, and the payoff was incredible. Armed with professional branding and digital strategy tactics, I began confidently striding into both online and offline spaces. The result? Landing substantial training, coaching, and strategy gigs that allowed me to empower others.


My Mission Is To Help Empower Entrepreneurs

My mission is to empower entrepreneurs like you—visionaries with a purpose, yearning to share it with the world but unsure where to start. I've been there, and I know the path. I believe in marketing with love, where confidence, professionalism, and authenticity converge to create a brand that resonates deeply.


Award Winning Digital Coach & Trainer

I've not only navigated the complexities of online presence but also triumphed in empowering others, winning accolades like the #Bookmarks2017 Awards for 'Best Contribution For Digital Transformation In The Digital Industry.' This, through a #DigifyAfrica initiative sponsored by #GoogleSouthAfrica.


Hey there, I'm Lucille Divine


I'm on a mission to empower women like you—visionaries fuelled by purpose, eager to share it with the world but uncertain about the first step. Having walked that same path, I understand the journey intimately.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Now I confidently share my superpowers with dynamic entrepreneurs who want to align with their brand purpose and empower themselves to share their own superpowers. Through personalized brand and marketing strategies, we'll amplify your brand's message.

Uncover Your Inner Branding and Marketing Guru

I'll help you reengineer your skills, boost your confidence, and level up your marketing know-how. It's all about finding that sweet spot where you feel comfortable and ready to rock your business marketing.

I do it with style, flair, and a whole lot of awesomeness - this is how I share my superpowers with you!


This is the perfect time to take a bold leap and make your business shine! It's all about creating a standout brand that grabs attention, hooks your hero customers, and makes them feel a deep emotional connection.


If you want to achieve your own version of success, you got to have a killer business marketing plan. But here's the secret sauce: it's got to be purposeful and intentional.


I'm not about wasting time or energy on cookie-cutter launch strategies that don't fit your budget or business marketing plan. I'm here to make launching your business online a breeze.

Say goodbye to imposter syndrome and embrace your confidence to begin showing up to shine online! You'll start here and select your ideal package

Here's the deal...

I'll help you reengineer your skills, boost your confidence, and level up your marketing know-how. It's all about finding that sweet spot where you feel comfortable and ready to rock your business marketing.

I'm on a mission to spice up my clients' online game and get them to feel confident about showing up to shine!

Get Ready To Attract Your Hero Customer

I'm all about helping you attract your hero customers. I want your clients to be drawn to you like a magnet! So let's dive deep, discover your uniqueness, and create a branding and marketing plan that's tailored just for you.

It all starts with a discovery call - allowing me to audit your current brand and digital situation and uncover what your needs are - so I can begin to help you feel confident about your brand so you can show up to shine online!



During your discovery call, I'll discuss various ways I can support you. I'll delve into enhancing your brand, elevating your marketing strategies, and devising a killer launch plan. So, no need to hesitate any longer! Secure your spot for the 30-minute discovery call, and let's embark on transforming your business together!

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